L Y N N E   S A U S E L E

As a graduate of the Boston Museum School and Tufts University, Lynne Sausele has remained a freelance artist ever since. In her career as an artist, she has worked as both a jewelry designer and a painter, both serving each other in a useful collaboration of color and design. Her experience is that each discipline continually inspires the other, finding it a beautifully dynamic way to work as an artist. The beaded work is an ongoing discovery of the remarkable array of beads available in terms of color, size, shape and texture, as well as an infinite way to use them in creating art works.
The designs Lynne creates in her jewelry pieces are modern and unique to our time, yet follow some of the most traditional uses of beads, as she delights in being part of a practice that has been going on for thousands of years.
In her paintings she works in oil in both abstraction and in a painterly realist style. The abstractions are often a reflection of the patterns in the beading work and the realist paintings are the simple pleasure of painting observations of the world as she sees it as well as capturing the essence of places she and her husband Hans enjoy exploring in their travels.

Current Galleries:
Mobilia Gallery, Cambridge, Massachusetts
Flat Rocks Gallery, Gloucester, Massachusetts
Granite Hill Gallery, Gloucester, Massachusetts

Current Exhibitions:
Mobila Gallery, New Constructions, Lynne Sausele 2015
Mobilia Gallery, Teapot Show 2014
Flat Rocks Gallery, December Show 2014
Mobilia Gallery, Art of Adornment 2013
Flat Rocks Gallery, Feast Show 2013
LOOT 2012 Museum of Arts and Design, New York
LOOT 2011 Museum of Arts and Design, New York

500 Beaded Jewelry, Lark Publications 2012
Where Magazine, The Teapot Redefined, 2012
Suzanne Golden Presents, Lark Publications 2013
Fiber Art Now, Spring 2013

Fidelity Art Collection
The Kamm Teapot Collection
Private Collections